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  Women’s March FiliBITES! Episode 4

For our first FiliBITES! back we go into a brief recap of what’s happened since election night. Pat describes witnessing the Women’s March in DC the day after Trump’s inauguration. Lastly, we discuss alternative facts… More
  Griffin Browning author

  Hillary v Trump FiliBITES! Episode 1

The new FiliBUSTED! mini series features comedians Pat Deering and Griffin Browning getting serious about current events and focused topics in a shorter format. Today’s discussion is focused on the aftermath of the first Presidential… More
  Griffin Browning author

  Political Corretcness FiliBUSTED! Episode 6

Comedians try to get serious about what Political Correctness is. Talking about where the line for Political Correctness stands in politics, professional, and personal life. And tell stories about how Political Correctness has affected their… More
  Griffin Browning author

  LGBT FiliBUSTED! Episode 5

Comedians try to get serious about the LGBT community during pride month. The panelists discuss how the LGBT community is affected and represented in media. Then they discuss how the conversation on equality has taken a back seat in politics in… More
  Griffin Browning author

  Diversity in America FiliBUSTED! Episode 4

Comedians try to get serious about diversity, immigration, the American Dream, and much more in this episode about Diveristy in America. Guests with different backgrounds will discuss the wonders and dissapointments America offers to its… More
  Griffin Browning author

  Technology FiliBUSTED! Episode 3

Watch on YouTube here. Comedians try to get serious about social media, drones, artificial intelligence, and much more in this episode about Technology. A “winner” will be awarded for keeping a straight face and their… More
  Griffin Browning author

  Social Issues – FiliBUSTED! Episode 2

The second installment of the podcast will call for a “winner” after these uninformed comedians talk candidly about LGBT rights, Reproductive rights, Women’s issues, and much more. Hosted by Griffin Browning and Pat Deering, this episode… More
  Griffin Browning author

  FiliBUSTED! Episode 1

The first episode of the podcast that gathers uninformed comedians to talk candidly about politics because they don’t necessarily do it on stage. Hosted by Griffin Browning, this episode features comedians: Pat Deering, Janine Dunmyre,… More
  Griffin Browning author