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  Members Only 38: Thoroughly Considered: Revealing a Secret Product

Myke encourages Tom and Dan to talk about a new Studio Neat product that is currently in development.

  Members Only 37: Ungeniused: The Euthanasia Coaster

If you think roller coasters are scary, this podcast episode isn’t going to change your mind. The Euthanasia Coaster was designed to kill all of its passengers on a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

  Members Only 36: Presentable: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Relay FM Redesign

A very special episode exclusively for Relay FM members. Presentable host Jeff Veen talks to Relay FM co-founder Stephen Hackett about the recent redesign of the network's website. They discuss the collaboration between designers and developers, the us...

  Members Only 35: Query: The Big Questions

Stephen and Ren go back in time and discuss the biggest questions ever asked of Apple users.

  Members Only 34: Clockwise/Download: 2017 Crossover Bonus

Dan and Mikah join Jason and Stephen to talk about four tech-adjacent topics in 30 minutes or less. Keep watching the download!

  Members Only 33: Free Agents: When We're Not Working

David Sparks and Jason Snell spent their careers working for the establishment. Then one day they'd had enough... so they went out on their own as Free Agents. But they still make time to have fun. It's Free Agents Gone Wild!

  Members Only 32: 2017 Co-Founders Q&A

Originally posted as a video on Myke's YouTube channel, this is the audio from he and Stephen's annual Q&A. Several people requested an audio version, so here it is! The link to the video version is below.

  Members Only 31: Canvas: A Podcast About Podcasting

Fraser and Federico are joined by Canis from Wooji Juice - developer of Ferrite Recording Studio - to discuss podcast recording, editing and publishing on iOS.

  Members Only 30: Liftoff: FaceTime with Vega

Jason introduces Stephen to the film *Contact.*

  Members Only 29: Material: 2017 Bonus

It's that time of year, our special subscriber only episode is here! We'll try not to rhyme because we've heard where you come from that's a crime. We talk about phones before smart phones. We talk about feelings. We go all sorts of places. Strap in ki...