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  Sail Loot Podcast 064: Offshore Sailing with Captain Ryan and Sail Libra

Captain Ryan and I met a few years ago on a sailing trip on S/V Libra from Pensacola to the Miami Boat Show. It was an awesome trip. I learned a whole lot about offshore sailing and I hope that I helped Ryan book a few more trips on Libra at the Miami ...

  Sail Loot Podcast 063: Sailing With FIRE on Luna Sea with Mark and Jennifer

The financial “movement” being dubbed FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early – was an acronym that was unknown to Mark, Jennifer, and yes, even budding financial zealots such as myself. Somehow, over the last few years, we’ve all seemed to use some...

  Sail Loot Podcast 062: Andersons Abroad own Sea-Tech Systems to make Sailing Money

Rich and Devon’s sailing story started the way most crazy sailing stories start…intoxication. The good news is that Rich didn’t want a divorce. He didn’t want to have a third child. He just wanted to quit his job and sail around the world!!! Luckily, s...

  Sail Loot Podcast 061: Asante Sailing Costs August 2017

August of 2017 on S/V Asante started with a two-day sail from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Hilton Head, SC. Included in the preparations to sail North were provisions, alternator rebuild costs, diesel fuel, and travel and transportation expenses. August of 2...

  Sail Loot Podcast 060: Cruising Costs Monthly – Asante Sailing Money July 2017

I learned a lot about boating in the month of July 2017. A few snafus taught me what not to do again. A few victories taught me what to do again. Everything taught me that I really just want to be at/on Asante as much as possible. Some boat owners hire...

  Sail Loot Podcast 059 – Cruising Costs Monthly: Asante Sailing Money June 2017

Yes, it’s a little bit later in the day than last Friday, but I did get this podcast released 1 week after Episode 058! I love it when I hit a deadline that I tell the world about. (This might actually be a first for Sail Loot). I don’t think that I th...

  Sail Loot Podcast 058 – Cruising Costs Monthly: My Sailing Money April to May 2017

My need to gather equipment was immediate. I decided that my best option was to sail S/V Asante approximately 1300 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean for 7 to 10 days and that I would start this trip 2.5 days after the purchase was final. This decis...

  Sail Loot Podcast 057: Lazy Geckos Water Conservation Lessons to Save Sailing Money

I had the honor of meeting Jeremiah and Brittany at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat show almost a year ago. By the way, I plan on attending again this year (2018). If you happen to live in the area and have a couch that you don’t mind this sailor/podcaste...

  Sail Loot Podcast 056: S/V Smitty – Sailing from Boston to the USVI with Jesse, Stacey, and Summer

I met Jesse and Stacey from S/V Smitty in November of 2016. They’re long time listeners to the Sail Loot Podcast and we had sent a few emails back and forth to each other before I went on a charter vacation in the BVI. Jesse and Stacey live on S/V Smit...

  Sail Loot Podcast 055: A Sailor’s Story from the Eye of Hurricane Irma; Peter from Where The Coconuts Grow

A normal episode of the Sail Loot Podcast contains tips, advice, and stories about how others have been able to make a living on the water. This episode contains none of that. This episode is purely to raise awareness about the impact of hurricanes thi...