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  Episode 108 is Green Crush 36

This episode cultivates a growing interest in a flowering capacity… Too much pun? Sorry, it’s fun. Preaching empowerment of the self by using the plant for health - as is often done on the show - means learning how to grow the plants, and what the plan...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 107 is Green Crush 35

YouTube Star Jane Dro recounts her journey from MS and Diverticulitis survivor to Cannabis sponsored Marathon runner on this week's Green Crush!This little lady infuses her life with the plant - Bong Sessions, Concentrates, Edibles, Baking, Cooking and...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 106 is GreenCrush 34

The warning shot from a bunch of supposedly terrible people has paved much of the way towards medical and pain relief access for everyone. The Gentlemen Smugglers paid for this with incarceration. I’m not saying they didn’t have a good time. But they a...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 105 is Green Crush 33

Avarice at the helm. Again we update the latest canna news. A March madness that involves no basketball - the latest series of Canadian government contradictions and conundrums. For example, the Feds claim they’ve done all the possible research, and cl...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 104 = GreenCrush 32

Film documentarian, Hamilton Ontario‘s Cody Lanktree is here to pump his latest project – Dispensed With. Head over to their indigogo page to help Cody get the word out on how incredibly healthful cannabis, can rejuvenate the Self.Also from Hamilton, d...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 103 = Green Crush 31!

After discussing my latest hospital bone scan and CT scan results: I still have stage4 terminal cancer! But, it ...isn't - doing, anything? (whatever could be my secret??)Marcus Rummery appears to be a psychonaut, perhaps even a modern day Terence McKe...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 102 = GreenCrush 30!

This episode honours the gifted Dr. Sam Mellace and his new book: The Great Cannabis Conspiracy. One of Sam’s Canna.Vs.Canc. patients, launches this GCCQ ep. into the archive as mindblowing. We eagerly begin a series of conversations with the very lear...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 101 = Green Crush 29!

As earlier predicted on this show, the indoctrination about ‘how terrible cannabis is’, is making its claim for the major portion of the consciousness of the citizen. This is intolerable in the light of the regular burying of the positive scientific fa...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 100 = GreenCrush 28!

The science is in on cannabis, and it’s saying that regarding cannabis, more science is required. Our special guest Dr. Michele Ross, PhD, explains so much and so clearly, on how she positioned herself to medically, scientifically and experientially un...
  Alan Park author

  Episode 99 = Green Crush 27!

A special forewarning tribute, to the unfortunately unwell, Dr. Sam Mellace. Happy to have established communication with the author of, “The Great Cannabis Conspiracy” we were sad to learn Dr. Sam was felled by a stroke on a flight from Vancouver to T...
  Alan Park author