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Date Title & Description Contributors

  Beneath the Wrappings: Conservation of the Old Kingdom Mummy

  Michael C. Carlos Museum author

  Sacred Spots: The Jaguar in the ancient Americas

A discussion about the most feared and revered animal of the Americas and its importance in the shamanic religious traditions of the ancient people of this region.
  Rebecca Stone and John Polisar author

  The Emory Old Kingdom Mummy

Egyptologists examine the oldest mummy in the Western Hemisphere.
  Janet Richards, Salima Ikram, and Peter Lacovara author

  Body Modification: The Skin Within

A fascinating look at the tatooing and piercing practices of the Ancient Americas.
  Rebecca Stone author

  Diety of Avatars

Vishnu in his ultimate form, with all his many avatars represented, is the topic of conversation between Laurie Patton and Joyce Flueckiger, Professors in Emory's Department of Religion.
  Laurie Patton and Joyce Flueckiger author

  Vishnu On The Cosmic Ocean

Laurie Patton and Joyce Flueckiger, professors in Emory’s Department of Religion, discuss an eleventh century sandstone sculpture of Vishnu in his ultimate form.
  Laurie Patton and Joyce Flueckiger author

  Journey to the West

Host Sandy Goldberg of Antenna Audio holds an intimate conversation with Dr. Gay Robins, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Art History at Emory, in which they explore the imagery on the Museum's Coffin of Tahat scene by scene. As they hear Dr. Robins ...
  Gay Robins author

  The Shock of the New: Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, and the Religious Imagination

In the second of the two new podcasts, Carlos Curator Peter Lacovara of Egyptian Art, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Emory, Shalom Goldman, and Gay Robins, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor in Emory’s Art History Department, explore the radical ch...
  Shalom Goldman, Peter Lacovara, Gay Robins author

  The Mindful Body

John Dunne and Lobsang Negi of the Department of Religion and Chuck Raison of Emory Medical School look at a 14th century Tibetan image of a Buddha in the collection, observing and commenting on its posture of meditation. They discuss the importance of...
  John Dunne, Lobsang Negi, Chuck Raison author

  Drinking with a Siren

An ancient Greek drinking cup decorated with an image of a siren generates a conversation between Peter Bing, Associate Professor in the Department of Classics, and the Museum's Curator of Greek and Roman Art Jasper Gaunt. They discuss The Odyssey, whe...
  Peter Bing, Jasper Gaunt author