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  Higher education for everyone in Australia — is it doable?

Disadvantaged and marginalised students often don't get the financial and teaching support that they need. Equity everyone, regardless of their background, is one of the most pressing challenges facing out higher education sector. The government releas...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Creativity in the Sri Lankan diaspora

Award winning playwright S. Shakthidharan has described his groundbreaking theatre work Counting and Cracking as "a radical act of belonging". The epic, three-act, three-hour tale captures the Australian migrant experience through the story of one Sri ...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Andre de Quadros on freedom dreaming

Drawing on his experiences working across continents in the "shatter zones" of society — jails, war zones, refugee shelters – Andre de Quadros explains how music and creativity can be used to build peace, reconciliation and empowerment in a troubled wo...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Ocean bounty — deep sea mining, Sea Shepherd sagas, and seaweed solutions

Join Natasha Mitchell and guests at the 2024 Ocean Lovers Festival in Bondi. From deep sea mining to illegal fishing on the high seas, who is the boss of the ocean? And why are scientists-turned-entrepreneurs singing the praises of seaweed?  Two panels...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Queer journeys through the law

It took until the late 1990s for Australia to decriminalise homosexuality. Since then, the law has changed and evolved in a multitude of ways for LGBTQIA+ people, but not without a fight virtually every step of the way. This event was recorded as part ...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  What are the secrets to a long and happy life?

Firstly, make sure you become a grandparent. It apparently adds five years to your life. And it can make you very happy - if you do grandparenting right! Hear about the does and don'ts in this discussion about how to age well. Then add a good diet. Wit...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  The Art of Opposition

It's often said that democracies can't function well without a strong opposition to hold the government of the day to account. But what does it take to be an effective opposition?This event was recorded at the Centre for Independent Studies on Thursday...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Uprooted and unprotected — 110 million displaced lives

From stopping the boats to building a wall, countries have gone to great lengths to stop the flow of people migrating across borders in search of a better life. But are these efforts realistic – let alone humane — when there are an estimated 110 millio...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Is nuclear power the fastest way to decarbonise the planet?

Humanity basically faces two existential threats: catastrophic climate change and nuclear annihilation, according to US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman. Still – he sees nuclear energy as an essential part of "the mix" of carbon zero power sou...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author

  Laura Tingle — Off course discourse

Laura Tingle delivers the 2024 John Button Oration at the Melbourne Writers Festival, looking at how our public discourse has changed over her 40-year career – and throughout history. She explores what is to blame for the demise in civility in our publ...
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation author