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  The Ensh*ttification of Everything

Why does every social media platform seem to get worse over time? This week’s On the Media explores an expansive theory on how we lost a better version of the internet, and the systems that insulate Big Digital from competition. Plus, some solutions fo...
  brooke gladstone, cory doctorow author

  The Drip, Drip, Drip of Bad News at The Washington Post

Over the past few months, The Washington Post has weathered a slate of unfavorable news. In May, publisher and CEO Will Lewis revealed the Post lost 77 million dollars last year. Lewis also announced a big restructuring and, as reported by Semafor’s Ma...
  David Folkenflik, Micah Loewinger author

  UK Elections: They’re Not Like Ours! Plus, the Messy Family Behind Paramount

Over the past two decades, 900 British postal workers were wrongfully prosecuted for fraud. On this week’s On the Media, hear how a TV show about the Post Office Scandal sparked a political reckoning in the U.K. Plus, meet the Redstones – the complicat...
  Brooke Gladstone, Jonathan Freedland, Rebecca Thomson, Nick Wallis, Lee Castleton, Rachel Abrams author

  Is Love is Blind a Toxic Workplace?

This week's midweek podcast comes from our colleagues at the New Yorker Radio Hour:On the Netflix reality-TV dating show “Love Is Blind,” contestants are alone in windowless, octagonal pods with no access to their phones or the Internet. They talk to e...
  emily nussbaum, david remnick, micah loewinger author

  A Former Disinformation Reporter is Running The Onion. Plus, Birds ARE Real.

This week, the Department of Justice accused one of the most influential right wing outlets of laundering tens of millions of dollars. On this week’s On the Media, a former reporter on his progression from defining the disinformation beat to running on...
  brooke_gladstone, micah loewinger author

  Mr. Beast Reigns Supreme on YouTube

Something happened on the internet this week that was at once HUGE and also kind of a foregone conclusion. Jimmy Donaldson better known as Mr. Beast has been for many years basically the king of YouTube. But, as of this week, Mr Beast is now officially...
  micah loewinger, louie nathan, clay shirkey, brooke gladstone author

  Trump Found Guilty; The Right-Wing Media Were Prepared For It

When Donald J. Trump was found guilty on all counts in the hush money trial, some in the press were caught off guard. But the former president and conservative pundits primed for this result with a strategic messaging campaign. On this week’s On the Me...
  Micah Loewinger, Brooke Gladstone, Matt Gertz, Sarah Ellison, Matthew Goldstein, Lynsey Addario author

  How Tech Journalists Are Fueling the AI Hype Machine

Micah breaks down media hype about AI. According to Sam Harnett, a former tech reporter, journalists are repeating lazy tropes about the future of work that once boosted companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Fiverr. Plus, Julia Angwin, founder of Proof News...
  micah loewinger, julia angwin, sam harnett, paris marx author

  How Tired Tropes Drive AI Coverage. Plus, is the Vibecession Back or Not?

A majority of Americans believe that the economy is in a recession even though it’s not. On this week’s On the Media, hear why there’s a mismatch between facts and feelings about the economy. Plus, how the outlandish claims of AI companies often go unc...
  micah loewinger, sam harnett, paris marx, Julia Angwin, gordon hanson, jeanna smialek author

  Rightwing Media is Obsessed with the Darien Gap

Immigration consistently polls as one of the most important topics for voters. According to a recent Gallup poll immigration is the most polarizing issue of the last 25 years, with 48 percent of Republicans saying it’s the most important issue compared...
  Mary Harris, Ken Bensinger, Micah Loewinger author