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  67: Buddha's Past Lives – Dipankara and Shakyamuni

Two tales from the many lives of Buddha. The top scene depicts Buddha Shakyamuni meditating in the Indrashala cave awaiting his rebirth on Earth. The bottom scene shows Buddha Dipankara meeting the hermit Sumedha. Among other Gandharan works of art, th...
  Lucas Livingston author

  66: Star Wars and Stupas

Episode 66 of the Ancient Art Podcast picks up where we left off in episode 65 with the Gandharan Stupa Reliquary in the Art Institute of Chicago. We briefly touch on some commonalities between Buddhism and Star Wars. We also learn more about the histo...
  Lucas Livingston author

  65: Gandharan Stupa Reliquary

Episode 65 of the Ancient Art Podcast explores a Gandharan Stupa Reliquary in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. The subdued appearance of this small reliquary belies its cultural and aesthetic significance at the crossroads of East and We...
  Lucas Livingston author

  62: Dogs in Antiquity: China

Last time in our three-part series on dogs in antiquity, we explored the ancient hairless breeds of the New World and had a look at the popular ceramic funerary effigy of the Colima dog from a couple thousand years ago. We were also introduced to a you...
  Lucas Livingston author

  63: Dogs in Antiquity: Greece and Rome

In my third installment of a three-part series on dogs in antiquity, we're back in our familiar stomping ground of the Classical World to consider the roles of dogs in ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient writings give us the names of prized breeds in anti...
  Lucas Livingston author

  64: Striding Horned Wild Man

Just in time for Christmas, episode 64 of the Ancient Art Podcast spins a Yuletide yarn. All decked out for the holidays, this amazing, little, elvish sprite weaves us up a tall mountain pass on an enchanting journey through antiquity. The 5,000 year o...
  Lucas Livingston author

  61: Dogs in Antiquity: Xoloitzcuintli& Colima

Dig in to this feast for the eyes as we discuss the role of dogs in ancient Mesoamerican civilization and art. This is our first in a three-part series on dogs in antiquity. This episodes serves up one of the most popular examples of canines in art, th...
  Lucas Livingston author

  60: Comets& Antiquity, Halley's Comet, ISON, Apophis, and More

It's a cosmic collision of contemporary and antiquity on the Ancient Art Podcast! The prophesied comet of the century, Comet ISON, may have bit the dust, but that's no reason to pile dirt on our exploration of comets of past and present in the world of...
  Lucas Livingston author

  59: A Witches' Sabbath

Greetings gashlycrumbs! Enjoy this spooktacular free Halloween segment of the Ancient Art Podcast episode 59, "A Witches' Sabbath!" Meet the wicked witches, devilish denizens, and things that go bump in the night in the Art Institute of Chicago's paint...
  Lucas Livingston author


A short announcement about some changes to the Ancient Art Podcast. The Ancient Art Podcast and have teamed up to host episodes of the podcast at Episodes now include quizzes, handouts, discussions, and more. Visithttp://ancien...
  Lucas Livingston author