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  E520: Training Athletes: Building Trust and Earning Buy-In Nick Ridpath

James Thayer welcomes Nick Ridpath to the podcast for a deep dive into the crucial elements of trust and communication when working with athletes.   The discussion delves into strategies for quickly building rapport and earning the trust of athletes, u...

  E519: Humility and Adaptability in Coaching: Embracing Creativity and Evolving in the Industry with Killian Hamilton

Shallow and Killian discuss the evolution of the fitness industry and the importance of curiosity and creativity. They emphasize the need to be constantly evolving and learn from the past in order to stay relevant. Be open to trying new things, be crea...

  E518: Effort-Driven Workouts: Building a Strong Foundation

This episode discusses the importance of foundational training and the value of effort and intensity in training. Mac and Thayer cover the challenges of training, the benefits of effort-driven workouts, and the potential pitfalls of premature optimizat...

  E517: Crack the Code: How to Interpret Your Lab Results for Optimal Health with Michael Warner

Shallow welcomes Michael Warner, a health and wellness coach who specializes in body composition, metabolic dysfunction, hormone optimization, and more.   The guys discuss a wide range of topics related to health, habits, and behaviour change. It delve...

  E516: Navigating a Path to Success in Your Business with Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta

Shallow and Jiunta discuss the concepts of sacrifice, success, balance, and effort in the context of business ownership. We’ve got a new sponsor!   Marek Health is a health optimization company that offers advanced blood testing, health coaching, and e...

  E 515: Three Overlooked Concepts: Training To Improve Performance

Today’s episode explores the importance of maintaining proper pelvic orientation, the impact of breathing and bracing on movement, and the significance of consistent use of gym equipment for performance and progress.   We’ve got a new sponsor!   Marek ...

  E 514: Unleashing Athletic Power: A Deep Dive Into Performance with Jordan Jiunta and Killian Hamilton

Jordan Jiunta and Killian Hamilton discuss the concepts of power, strength, durability, and impulse training in the context of athletic performance. LAST CHANCE to register for Pre-Script® Level 1. Sign up now at https://www.pre-script.com/psl1     W...

  E513: The Evolution of Training: From Ego-Driven to Informed Approach with Dr Jordan Shallow and Dr Jordan Jiunta

Shallow and Jiunta discuss the evolving mindset around training. They explore the shift from a place of ego-driven training to a more informed and experienced approach, acknowledging the importance of understanding one's biological age and training age...

  E512: Break The System to Create Efficiency

Today’s episode focuses on the importance of creating efficient systems in business. Mac and Thayer discuss how to audit and refine coaching systems to save time, money and provide a better client experience. We’ve got a new sponsor!   Marek Health is ...

  E511: Maximizing Shoulder Function: How to Plan the Perfect Push Workout with Dr. Jordan Jiunta and Dr. Jordan Shallow

If you're looking to plan the perfect push workout and improve shoulder function this ones for you. Jiunta and Shallow discuss joint and muscular mechanics, exercise programming, load management and more.   LAST CHANCE to register for this semester of ...