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  Keep It Real #38: With Zach Baker

On today's episode, Greg, Doug and Trevor #KeepItReal with Dr. Zach Baker.

  Keep It Real #37: Models, Toolbelts, Random Musings

On today's episode, Greg, Trevor and Doug #KeepItReal while discussing models, tool belts and random musings.  

  Lee Taft: Breaking Down Basketball Speed

On today's episode, Trevor is joined by Lee Taft to discuss basketball speed.

  Keep It Real #36: Choosing Your Professional Development

On today's episode, Greg and Trevor #KeepItReal while discussing clinical education.

  Daniel Bove: The Quadrant System

After receiving a B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State University and an M.S. in Exercise Science from University of South Florida, Daniel began his career as an NBA physical preparation coach.  After spending several seasons with the Atlanta Hawks and ...

  Trust the Science

On today's episode, Doug narrates the his blog "Trust the Science. 

  Keep It Real #25: Military Selection Programs

On today's episode, Greg, Trevor and Doug #KeepItReal while discussing military selection programs.

  Keep It Real #34: Protocol Discretion

On today's episode, Doug, Greg and Trevor #KeepItReal while discussing protocol considerations.

  Robin Barnes: Coaching the Coaches

Robin Barnes has been a ski instructor and trainer at California’s Heavenly Ski Resort since 1989. She is a PSIA-certified Level III alpine instructor, PSIA-Western Regional Demo Team member and PSIA Western Division Tech Team member. Robin spends summ...

  Keep It Real #33: Pro Baseball & Thrower's Considerations

On today's episode, Greg and Doug #KeepItReal while discussing professional baseball and thrower's considerations.