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Gigs, Scott Allsop has been engaged in
Date Podcast Episode Role
2023-03-30   HistoryPod   30th March 1939: Batman makes his first appearance when Detective Comics #27 went goes on sale author
2023-03-26   HistoryPod   26th March 1945: Battle of Iwo Jima ends after US Marines officially secure the island from the Japanese Imperial Army during the War in the Pacific author
2023-03-24   HistoryPod   24th March 1721: Johann Sebastian Bach dedicates the Brandenburg Concertos to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt author
2023-03-22   HistoryPod   22nd March 1621: Hugo Grotius, the Dutch legal scholar, escapes imprisonment in Loevestein Castle concealed inside a book chest author
2023-03-19   HistoryPod   19th March 1962: Bob Dylan, the American singer-songwriter, releases his eponymous debut album author
2023-03-16   HistoryPod   16th March 1968: My Lai Massacre committed by US soldiers from Company C of the Americal Division’s 11th Infantry Brigade author
2023-03-14   HistoryPod   14th March 1950: The FBI first publishes its list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives author
2023-03-10   HistoryPod   10th March 1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call when he contacts his assistant, Thomas Watson author
2023-03-06   HistoryPod   6th March 1869: Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev presents his periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society author
2023-03-04   HistoryPod   4th March 1789: US Congress meets for the first time, and the United States Constitution goes into effect author