Criticism Is Dead   /     The Diplomat, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, and writers strike


We discuss The Diplomat and How to Blow Up a Pipeline, a series and a film about political maneuvering — whether from the backroom or from on the ground. 02:59 Netflix’s The Diplomat, a soapy and snappy political and marital thriller, is tailor-made for fans of The West Wing and Keri Russell. 22:54 How to Blow Up a Pipeline, available in theaters/VOD, could use a touch more texture in its too-neat package, but is nevertheless affecting — almost radical, even. 40:37 Plus, shout out to the striking writers! ... Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. For extended show notes — including links that we reference, plus more — subscribe to our Substack. Inquiries, complaints, and recs for what to watch can go to Music: REEKAH Artwork and design: Sara Macias and Andrew Liu

Bombs abroad and bombs away, plus let's go WGA!
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2023-05-09 09:00