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Bringing back a classic...Not only was Simeon Rice a standout in college and the pros. He's a Super Bowl Champion and a movie director. There is nothing this man can't do and he talks to LaVar Arrington about growing up his early days on the South Side Of Chicago all the way to the red carpet in Hollywood. Find out how he wanted to be the next Walter Payton, but he turned out to be one of the baddest Line Backers to play the game. The NFL Hall Of Fame is just around the corner for this man! .

UP On GAME Presents Conversations With A Legend. LaVar Arrington is sitting down with the best from the field, the stage, and beyond. These are intimate conversations and storytelling with legendary humans about their lives and successful careers. In this episode, Arrington talks with Super Bowl Champion Simeon Rice




00:00 Tease Simeon Noticed LaVar At Penn St

00:15 Intro to Simeon Rice

02:52 I Never Wanted To Go To Illini I wanted ND, Michigan, Florida St

03:45 I wanted to be the next Walter Payton, But They Made Me A LB

11:57 Doing Things Now Off The Field, Went To Film School

21:33 These Dudes Were Mad Disrespectful

27:00 Pitching A Script to Doug Ellin Of Entourage

34:47 Final Moments What Do You Want People To Say

36:18 Close of the show


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