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Welcome to Out of the Realm: Petals and Ashes! An original tabletop roleplaying game adventure written by Stephen Hilger based on the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition ruleset!

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Our adventure begins in the city of Lakelight Keep, a mysterious mountain city where it is perpetually Spring. Our heroes, Artyk Bygguy (played by AJ), Izhi (played by Kim), Kailani Gladesong (played by Chase), and Mr. Hollos Cheeks (played by Brendon), have come in search of the missing children of the Eudicott family. Their journey begins in Lakelight Keep, but there's no telling where this mystery may take them.
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Original score by Will LaPorte -
Additional music by Brendon Bigley -
Art by Scout Wilkinson -
Produced and edited by AJ Fillari -

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