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Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NEXTLANDER. This week we all dig into Hellblade II, Lorelei and the Laser Eyes impresses mightily, we ponder the state of both games media and arcade "cabinets," cat ownership is debated in its many aspects, Big Rigs gets a shocking amount of airtime, and a bunch of other stuff! CHAPTERS (00:00:00) NOTE: Some timecodes may be inaccurate for versions other than the ad-free Patreon version due to dynamic ad insertions. Please use caution if skipping around to avoid spoilers. Thanks for listening. (00:00:10) Intro (00:01:19) Let's work on this game and meat metaphor (00:03:11) These 4th graders have some talent! (00:05:49) Getting candy from old people (00:07:38) Out of touch with the kids and their phone games (00:11:19) Senua's Saga: Hellblade II [PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox Series X|S] on May 21, 2024 (00:36:39) Starfield [PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox Series X|S] on Sep 06, 2023 (00:42:17) Lorelei and the Laser Eyes [Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows)] on May 16, 2024 (00:49:24) Little Kitty, Big City [Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S] on May 09, 2024 (01:01:12) News (01:01:29) IGN Entertainment buys Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, GI, and more! (01:17:55) There's a new NBA Jam-like coming to arcades? (01:27:56) New Activision studio opening (01:30:16) Ninja Theory's next game already greenlit (01:32:38) Valve's next game has leaked?! (01:39:41) Athena Crisis release its code in the spirit of Open Source (01:44:05) Emails (01:56:31) Wrapping up and thanks (01:58:31) Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs (01:58:41) Mysterious Benefactors (01:59:42) Nextlander content updates (02:02:58) See Ya!

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