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Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NEXTLANDER. Summer Game Fest is here, so we put on our best E3 (and Guitar Hero) hats and talk about all the stuff we hope and expect to see, plus what stood out from Sony's State of Play, and then dig into games like Arctic Eggs, Platform 8, more Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, and -- that's right -- Vinny's almost done with FF7 Rebirth! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at Audioboom, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:00) NOTE: Some timecodes may be inaccurate for versions other than the ad-free Patreon version due to dynamic ad insertions. Please use caution if skipping around to avoid spoilers. Thanks for listening. (00:00:09) Intro (00:01:44) It's the season of E3 even if E3 is no longer in season (00:12:51) Our current not-E3 coverage plans (00:16:58) Let's talk about what we'd like to see at these events (00:45:51) Sony's State of Play (00:59:17) Sony's PS VR2 PC adapter is real and coming in August! (01:19:40) The Games (01:19:52) Arctic Eggs [PC (Microsoft Windows)] on May 16, 2024 (01:25:39) Platform 8 [PC (Microsoft Windows)] on May 31, 2024 (01:32:29) Lorelei and the Laser Eyes [Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows)] on May 16, 2024 (01:40:48) [Possible Spoilers] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth [PlayStation 5] on Feb 29, 2024 (01:54:27) Nextlander Content Updates (01:55:34) Catch Brad at Giant Bomb @ Night on Sunday, June 9th (01:57:32) Wrapping up and thanks (01:57:51) Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts (01:59:28) See Ya!

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