Into the Aether   /     Summer Game Rest w/ Emily Price, Robin Bea, Tamoor Hussain and Willa Rowe

Publishing date
2024-06-19 03:00
  Stephen Hilger + Brendon Bigley


Shhh be very quiet... our guests are very sleepy today, they need their rest... AJ chats with Emily Price (Unwinnable), Robin Bea (inverse), Tamoor Hussain (Gamespot), and Willa Rowe (Kotaku) about Geoff's Big Week, "these uncertain times", and 1000xRESIST again!

Emily's Links
Emily's Review of Saltsea Chronicles: Saltsea Chronicles Beautifully Finds A Way Forward
Past Presence for Unwinnable:
Profile on Paste Magazine:
On Bluesky:

Robin's Links
Robin's inteview with Xalavier Nelson: The Best Noir Shooter of 2023 Has Only Gotten More Relevant
Profile on inverse:
On Twitter:
Girl Mode:

Tam's Links
Tam's Shadow of the Erdtree preview: Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Renews The Awe And Adventure Of Elden Ring
Profile on Gamespot:
On the Friends Per Second SGF episode:
On Twitch:
Something to help you get through the Elden Ring DLC:

Willa's Links
Willa's love letter to Dragon's Dogma 2: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Makes You Take Your Time, And That’s Great
Profile on Kotaku:
Girl Mode on Twitter:
Girl Mode on Bluesky:

Into the Game Jam Links
itch page:
Find the forum thread on the TWG Discord: Navigate to the "Games Forums" category, select the games-events forum, find "Into The Game Jam (Summer 2024)" forum thread and say hello!

Discussed: Summer Game Fest, "The Year of the Indie", searching for new ideas, Emily's sub-column "Object Lessons", Victory Heat Rally Shakedown, NextFest, Demonschool, the naming problem, the Tribeca Festival, Metal Gear Solid: Delta gameplay trailer, Dragon Age: The Veilguard reveal and gameplay, the state of the industry, The Bittersweet Feeling Of Seeing Your Game Revealed After Getting Laid Off by Nathan Grayson for Aftermath, Blumhouse is Redefining The Approach to Horror Games | Gamespot Summer Live, 1000xRESIST (again), Fear the Spotlight, Hauntii, Animal Well, Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, ODDADA, Tiny Glades, Thank Goodness You're Here, Baldur's Gate 3, Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Trails into Reverie Continues the Most Ambitious Epic in Games by Mark Normandin, Preserve, Building Relationships
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  • (00:00) - Intro with my haggard companions
  • (01:47) - What did we think of SGF (and the surround events)?
  • (06:30) - "The Year of the Indie"
  • (24:56) - Metal Gear Solid Delta Gameplay Reveal | The tables turn
  • (29:49) - Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Emily's allotted AAA brainspace
  • (35:49) - The state of the industry
  • (47:35) - Check out the work of our guests! Links in the show notes!
  • (51:33) - 1000xRESIST | Hekki Allmo, listeners
  • (54:40) - Fear the Spotlight | From the studio that brought you M3GAN
  • (01:01:18) - Hauntii | Do you go to Heaven???
  • (01:04:03) - Animal Well | You ever heard of this one?
  • (01:06:52) - Lorelei and the Laser Eyes | A game you play in your notebook
  • (01:09:05) - ODDADA | Games but you don't have to buy them (yet)
  • (01:11:53) - Ebitapes | Games but you don't have to buy them (yet)
  • (01:14:19) - Thank Goodness You're Here | Games but you don't have to buy them (yet)
  • (01:16:53) - Baldur's Gate 3 | Video game but BIG
  • (01:19:35) - Trails in the Sky the 3rd | Get out of the cube
  • (01:22:25) - Preserve | Score-fromantik
  • (01:22:45) - Building Relationships | Are you a rooftop or a bottom floor?
  • (01:23:41) - Check out NextFest! | Be careful with the porn
  • (01:23:53) - Find our guests in the show notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (01:26:43) - Wrapping up
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