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Andreas Wiegand aka Andomat 3000 aka DJ Mahatma is usually an impressed Hardtechno- DJ and Producer, who elates this scene for many years with his innovative sound. But his love for music makes him often searching for diversification, so to him it is naturally, to fun around on new musical playgrounds. The history of Andomat 3000 started in 2006, when he and Jan Ivanitz found the project „Andomat 3000 & Jan“. In this case the success came up very accidentally, even if Andi never calculated with positive reactions on his release „Entracte Music“ and the EP „L Delay“ from Luciano’s hip label Cadenza. When he heard of it, he was totally surprised. Since 2008 Andomat 3000, he mostly focused on working solo on own productions, and releases continually with high quality on a number of internationally well-reputated labels like Cecille, Four:Twenty Recordings, Einmaleins Musik or Highgrade Records. His name stands for quality, so it doesn’t wonder at all, that his records are always sold out rapidly and are to be positioned pretty high in the download charts. Apart from productions he continuously works on his skills as a live-act, leading to great parties on dancefloors all over Europe, and also in Russia, Japan and the U.S. His unequivocal fresh sound just attracts everyone. The goal of Andomat 3000 is, to create moving, funny and individual housemusic. But one basic principle can be always found, he is always focussing on one thing: The music has to be funky and has to get to the legs. For him, production and performance are interesting, that would mean the creative process, „self-expression“ and music in the club-context. The opinion of others, like if they find it extremely cool or simply horrible, or how his product will be exploited, doesn‘ t really bother him at all. Being creative is IN! Andomat 3000 on this: „I love music, and I love making music.“ Pretty easy, isn’t it?

live set by: Andomat 3000 - Cadenza Rec. / Four:Twenty / Berlin (GER)
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2012-05-02 11:30
  Andomat 3000