Waking UpThe Neuroscience of Awareness with Jeanne Catherine Gray

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  Episode178- :Realizing Potential: A Giant Step Forward for Global Change.

Realize your potential with Rudi Kennard from three principles movies (threeprinciplesmovies.com). Discover how people are realizing their potential all over the world through a simple and accessible conversation - only for people who are ready for les...
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  Episode177- :Getting it Done: 3P Research! .

Join host, Jeanne Catherine-Gray and her guest Dr. Linda Halcon, PhD, MPH, RN An Associate Professor Emerita, School of Nursing & Faculty, Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota! This is a delightful conversation that an...
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  Episode176- Superpower? Or something else...

Join host Jeanne Catherine as she explores a new superpower for public health with Dr. Anthony Kessel! Anthony is a public health physician, medical ethicist and general practitioner who leads the international health work of Englands national public h...
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  Episode175- Show Me The Research

Join host Jeanne Catherine-Gray and Dr. Tom Kelley, an associate professor at Wayne State University as they explore research and the three principles understanding. Dr. Kelley shared a recent pilot study with outstanding results - including reading a ...
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  The Inciteful Solution & The Lyme Parasite 04/09/18

Join host, Jeanne Catherine-Gray and guest author, psychologist, and burnout/resiliency specialist Joe Bailey (http://www.joebaileyandassociates.com/about.html) and hear an inspiring, extraordinary story about healing. Learn how illness is shaped by th...
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  How I change the world 04/09/18

We all hope to change the world in a positive way but some of us end up feeling hopeless, frustrated or ineffective. Join host Jeanne Catherine and her guest Anna Debenham, who arrived in Portland OR in Spring 2016 with no connections to prison, or to ...
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  Uncovery: A Guide to Healing Food Addiction 03/13/18

Amanda Jones uncovered freedom after 23 years of eating disorders and depression through a revolutionary understanding of the human experience. After decades of traditional psychotherapy and endless healing modalities Amanda finally found truth in the ...
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  Living in the Unknown Together 02/26/18

Have you ever wished your life partner would just get on board and do it your way??? In this show, join host Jeanne Catherine and her guests, George and Matt Halfin to explore living in the unknown together. How does it work? What are the benefits? And...
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  Dr. Annika Hurwitt to explore how to help clients transform their mental health experience forever 02/19/18

Jeanne Catherine and her guest . If you are interested in gaining perspective on your personal mental health and leadership skills or if you simply want to have more impact with clients and teams - this show is for you! Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D. is a vib...
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  Business Creation and Success 02/08/18

Solo entrepreneurs have to work all kinds of different jobs in an attempt to create success in business. Today’s interview with Piers Thurston explores how the human system works which, when discovered, brings their ability to be successful back on li...
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