Visionary Aquaponics with Maribou Latour

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  56: Natural Pest Sprays and Dual Root Zone Aquaponics with Reid Larson of PolyGuarden

Today's guest is Reid Larson, founder and chief science officer of PolyGuarden, a company offering full-spectrum protection for both residential and commercial aquaponics with the mission of global implementation of aquaponics.Listen in as Reid talks a...

  55: From Becoming Food Aware to Commercial Aquaponics with Steve Carrell of Ponderosa Aqua Farm in Indiana

In this episode, Steve Carrell, co-owner of Ponderosa Aqua Farm shares with us highly valuable information on setting up a commercial aquaponics system. Steve owns a construction company while his wife, Missy, is a long-time gardener. A dynamic duo, to...

  54: Bringing Aquaponics to the Classroom with Michael Kosko of Al Raby School for Community and Environment

Today’s episode features an inspiring guest, Michael Kosko, a Science teacher at Al Raby School for Community and Environment in Chicago, Illinois. I got him on the show after being inspired by the article he was featured on, From Aquaponics to Robots:...

  53: Bringing Aquaponics to New Zealand Schools~ Diana Fitzsimmons& Amanda Jones from Wairakei Primary School, New Zealand

This is a fun episode as we chat with Diana Fitzsimmons and Amanda Jones from Wairakei Primary School in New Zealand, along with two of their students, Myles and Rose. Listen in as they talk about how they got into doing aquaponics, dealing with fish d...

  52: A Smokeless Burn-Creating Biochar with TLUD Stoves w/ Spencer Curry of FRESH Farm Aquaponics

This episode couldn't get any hotter as we welcome back Spencer Curry of FRESH Farm Aquaponics on the show. Listen in as he discusses TLUD stoves and all about the smokeless, double burn which is simply genius!TLUD stands for Top-Lit Updraft Stove. Tod...

  51: Fostering a Sustainable Food& Aquaponics Movement in Egypt w/ Faris Farrag of Bustan Aquaponics

In today's episode, we welcome Faris Farrag of Bustan Aquaponics who is stirring up an aquaponics movement in Egypt. A former banker turned aquapreneur, Faris is pioneering a movement in aquaponics while hoping to see a rising movement in the rest of t...

  50: Urban Aquaponics in Brooklyn, NY, with Yemi Amu of Oko Farms

Celebrating Episode 50!!! Creating a flourishing green space amidst busy Brooklyn, New York is just what Yemi Amu, co-founder of Oko Farms has successfully created. Established in 2012, Oko Farms is a commercial aquaponics and educational company. Its ...

  49: How Vertical Farming& Live Sales Can Transform the World of Food Distribution& Reduce Waste w/ Dr. Nate Storey from Bright Agrotech

This is Part 2 of the interview with Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech, makers of the ZipGrow Towers. In this episode, Nate talks about the big impediments to newbie vertical farmers and why Upstart Farmers was conceived. He also talks about the UpSta...

  48: Food Sovereignty, Social Entrepreneurship,& Building a Growasis Permaculture Farm with Adam Brock of GrowHaus

Adam Brock is the co-founder of GrowHaus, a unique nonprofit based in Denver, Colorado. GrowHaus is a half-acre space encompassing different aspects of the food system under one roof including food production, food distribution, and food education, wit...

  47: More on Science-based Systems& Commercial Aquaponics with Rebecca Nelson of Nelson and Pade

This is part 2 of the interview with Rebecca Nelson, co-founder of Nelson and Pade based in Wisconsin.Nelson and Pade is currently working with the University of Wisconsin at the Aquaponics Innovation Center funded through an economic development grant...