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  Summer Dispatches: Teresa on swimming with submersibles

This week, correspondent Teresa Chin takes us on a tour beneath the Monterey Bay to explore the sights and creatures of the deep. Cruise a shipwreck, learn how to pilot an underwater research vessel and hear more than you ever wanted to know about jell...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  Summer Dispatches: Lo on marine mammal rescue

This week, Field Trip Correspondent Lo Benichou take us behind the scenes at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, where wounded seals, sea lions and sea elephants are nursed back to health with the help of dedicated surgeons, volunteers a...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  Summer Dispatches: Becky on human-powered ferris wheels

This week Field Trip Correspondent Becky Palmstrom takes us to a festival in Taung Byone, Myanmar, where we learn how to run a ferris wheel ... using people power. That's right, if you haven't got any electricity, and you MUST run a classic carnival at...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  Summer Dispatches: Laura on beach rocks

This week we go to to the beach with Field Trip Correspondent Laura Hautala and her Science Mom. Yes, we said Science Mom. And don't worry, it's not in the least bit relaxing, as we learn about why the otherwise lovely gigantic basalt structures at Eco...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  Summer Dispatches: Nicole on wetlands

We're back with another installment of our "Summer Dispatches" series, this time starring Field Trip Correspondent Nicole Jones as she figures out how one plant in Arcata, California is cleaning human wastewater ... using a swamp. That's right, you can...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  Summer Dispatches: Megan on wildfires

... And we're back! Welcome to Series 3 of the Field Trip Podcast, and this time we're trying something different -- we're bringing in our friends as Field Trip Correspondents. They'll be sharing their science reporting adventures from all over the gl...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  The Field Trip Podcast gets real with taxidermy

In this episode, we visit Leah Wade at San Francisco's Quiet Science Taxidermy Studio to learn about the art of making the dead live again ... sort of. We also check in with Jay Kirk, the biographer of Carl Akeley, the man who created the African Hall ...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  The Field Trip Podcast stares into deep space

In this episode, we learn about one of the most important -- and the most emotionally charged -- scientific tools at our disposal: the telescope. We speak with planet hunter Geoff Marcy of NASA's Kepler Mission about how scientists are using a telesco...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  The Field Trip Podcast hangs out in the garage

In this adventure, we head out into the crucible of American inventiveness ... the garage. We get a guided tour of the backyard lab of inventor Ben Krasnow, and then we talk with author Jack Hitt about his new book that explores the DIY roots of the Am...
  The Field Trip Podcast author

  The Field Trip Podcast drinks way too much coffee

In this episode, we investigate the awesome power of caffeine by letting the head of Funranium Labs dose us with Black Blood of the Earth, the most extreme coffee on the planet. Then we head to Ritual Roasters to learn about the science behind roasting...
  The Field Trip Podcast author