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  #56 How to End a War (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Howl’s Moving Castle, released in 2003, is one of the most famous movies in the Ghibli canon of films. Clearly, Hayao Miyazaki had some interesting ideas for this film when he first conceived of it – apparently being directly inspired to make the film ...
  thepixelmeditations author

  #55 Do you want to live forever? (Circe)

Would you choose to live forever? It’s an age-old question, and while the thought of not dying is tantalizing, the Greek gods might be one of our best glimpses into what life would really be like if we were to live forever. Sure, you have power, and li...
  thepixelmeditations author

  #54 Finding Nature Indoors

This pandemic has certainly shifted human behavior in ways that we hardly imagined possible only a few months ago. For one, we are spending a lot more time inside than we regularly would. Like many people, we have found this time challenging, but also ...
  thepixelmeditations author

  Update: New Website

New Website URL
  thepixelmeditations author

  #53 Exploring Minimalism

In this episode of the Pixel Meditations, we discuss minimalism, a topic that has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. We discuss the various reasons why minimalism has become popular and some possible applications of it in our own pers...
  thepixelmeditations author

  #52 The Rise of Sega

In this episode, we discuss the rise of Sega in the console hardware market. We talk about the Sega Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, CD, and 32X. The history of Sega's golden years are retold here.
  thepixelmeditations author

  #51 Remake the World (Remakes and Reboots in Media)

In this episode of the Pixel Meditations, we talk about the preponderance of remakes in media right now. We start by talking about if this is a new trend in media and whether or not it has historical precedence. We get into the ways in which video game...
  thepixelmeditations author

  #50 Robots vs. Androids (Nier: Automata)

In the 50th episode of the Pixel Meditations, we cover one of the greatest game that has been released for the PS4 thus far, Nier: Automata. We cover all of the amazing aspects of this game from the incredible music, gameplay, and enigmatic story – get...
  thepixelmeditations author

  #49 90s Gaming Retrospective

What was it like to grow up playing video games in the 90s? In this episode, the consoles, the Pokemn craze, the lack of internet, and growing up with video games is all covered.
  thepixelmeditations author

  #48 Call of the Wild

Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast app! Such as Stitcher, Overcast, Spotify, and Pocket Casts. In this episode, Steve and Toby talk about Jack London’s famous novel, Call of the Wild. Seeing as Hollywood just released a movie based on th...
  thepixelmeditations author