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  [Re-Release] Lissanthea TAYLOR, Parkway Health

This is a re-release of Season 01 Episode 28: The Pain Whisperer (Lissanthea Taylor, Pain Management Practitioner) Chapters 00:00 - Intro 02:20 - Part 1 17:52 - Part 2 Subscribe to the PREMIUM version, see the visuals, and/or follow the full trans...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  [Re-Release] Emily MADGE, Sea Life

This is a re-release of Season 01 Episode 14: The Aquarium Queen (Emily Madge, Asia Head of Conservation, Sea Life). Chapters 00:00 - Intro 02:20 - Part 1 18:28 - Part 2 Subscribe to the PREMIUM version, see the visuals, and/or follow the full tran...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  [Re-Release] Björn DAHLMAN, Clowns Without Borders

This is a re-release of Season 02 Episode 17: The Swedish Clown (Björn DAHLMAN, Clowns Without Borders).   This is the full version, including content that was previously only available on the PREMIUM version of Mosaic of China.   Chapters 00:00 - Tra...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode from The Bridge (CGTN)

Around the same time as launching Mosaic of China, I also embarked on a period of study at Shanghai Jiaotong University, starting with a course in Mandarin language followed by a Masters in Modern Chinese Studies. In today's special bonus episode, I di...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  The Death Companion (ZHOU Yan, Hospice and ’Death Café’ Volunteer)

In three seasons of the Mosaic of China podcast, we've already covered a large chunk of the A-Z of life in China. In today's episode, we're fast-forwarding to the end, not just because Zhou Yan's name starts with a 'Z', but because we're talking about ...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  The Airline Pilot (Michael HUNDEGGER, A320 Flight Commander)

To many, the image of an airline pilot conjures up thoughts of confident commanders in crisp tailored uniforms, living a life of excitement, romance and adventure. But what about the life of an airline captain in China?   In today's episode with Michae...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  The Gemstone Buff (Christina CHAO, Gemologist)

There's a field of academic study that sits at the intersection of geology and fashion, and that's gemology: the study of gemstones. Identifying, categorising and grading gemstones is a specific skillset, but valuation can be more subjective, particula...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  The Wine Devotee (Bertrand CRISTAU, XiaoLing Estate)

In the 1840s, French missionaries attempted to enter Tibet, and kept getting pushed back to an area at the Northwestern tip of modern-day 云南 [Yúnnán] Province. Today, this region preserves an astonishing and unique mix of Tibetan, Chinese, French and C...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  The Sportswear Strategist (KIM YoungAh, adidas)

Things are finally looking up for international sportswear brands in China in 2023. For the previous few years, almost all brands were suffering due to instability of the market during COVID and the rise in popularity of Chinese domestic competitors. ...
  Oscar Fuchs author

  The Stunt Man (Frank ABEL, Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park)

In 1996, China acquired a decommissioned Soviet aircraft carrier, with the express intention of using it as the centrepiece of a theme park in the city of 天津 [Tiānjīn]. Today, the 濱海 [Bīnhǎi] Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is still operative, and the enor...
  Oscar Fuchs author