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  Taste Test Adjacent - S10, Ep7.

This week Jack and Jenny dip back into their homework, rewatching vintage episodes of Taskmaster. This week it's all about Series 10, episode 7 aka the "Dafty in the Middle".Plus, Jack is back with his all-star stats, and this week he's answering a fan...
  Avalon Television author

  Special Guest - John Robins

This week Jack and Jenny are joined by the Taskmaster king himself, John Robins! We hear a roundup of John’s stats, whether John was happy with his performance, why he still doesn't understand how green screens work, and what advice Ed and Lou gave Joh...
  Avalon Television author

  What Sophie Did Next - S17, Ep.10

It's the grand finale of series 17 and at this point there are no spoilers left to give as Jack and Jenny unpack all their favourite moments of the series, statistical hindsights, and their gut instincts on the new series 18 cast. And if you still have...
  Avalon Television author

  The Penny - S17, Ep.9

This week it's all about the series 17 "penny"!Jack checks in with his stats as we approach the finale, including where Steve falls in the category of ‘best prize task contestants’ from all series, and the pair ponder whether or not bleep tests univers...
  Avalon Television author

  Taskmaster Virtual Reality - S17, Ep.8

Prepare for yours (and Jenny's) mind to be blown, because this week The People's Pod is joined by the folks behind the Taskmaster virtual reality experience! Jenny and Jack were given a special sneak peak into the new VR game, due to be released in Spr...
  Avalon Television author

  You Say Cha-ray-des I Say Cha-rah-des - S17, Ep. 7

Glittery conches, orange juice task hacks, and finding fish - it must be episode 7 of series 17!This week Jack and Jenny get into the nitty-gritty of why men like rakes, correct pronunciation of charades, plus some surprising stats about Sophie and why...
  Avalon Television author

  Buck Up! - S17, Ep.6

This week Jenny and Jack unpack series 17 episode 6, including the prize task that should have received more than five points, whether or not left handed people can play thumb wars and why everyone wants to go on a night out with Joanne. Plus, we have ...
  Avalon Television author

  Never Trust a Dancing Vole - S17, Ep.5

This week Jenny and Jack give their hot take on episode 5 of series 17 - including;An extraordinary revelation in the prize taskWhy it helps to have a little 'shed panic'Which contestant Tyra Banks would have championed this weekWhy some contestants ar...
  Avalon Television author

  Contain the Prolapse - S17 Ep.4

This week Jack and Jenny discuss episode 4 of series 17 - including what grandmothers REALLY want, slut drop modifications you can do at home for the less experienced, and whether it's ok for Greg to ever appear in the Taskmaster house. Jack also tries...
  Avalon Television author

  Bit of Bonnet Drama - S17, Ep.3

This week Jenny and Jack hear from the voice behind the infamous Mr. Blobby task, unleashing some bonus Blobby factoids and behind the scenes insights thanks to Production Manager Sophie.Plus, Jack discusses whether or not there’s any hope for the incr...
  Avalon Television author