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  Covers (KiNg SiZed)

Ever wondered why an established artist records someone else's song? Why not just record another original? Well... the cover tunes that well-established artists record must be pretty special right? Exactly... thanks for keeping up! Check out songs from...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  Mostly Local Traffic

There's a whole whack of great talent, right here in our backyard of Vancouver, BC... almost enough for a "Local Traffic" show! Not quite though, so I did have to pull in a few out-of-towners for "Mostly Local Traffic". Some real quality music here tho...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  The Cutting Edge Fall 2020

The Cutting Edge is back! All new music, all released between late September and late December... Fall 2020 saw some names we haven't seen in too long as well as new releases from familiar artists... check out, brand new Steven Wilson, LP, Ryan Adams, ...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  Trading Places Round 3

We're back with "Trading Places"... this is round 3 of this series. It's like when you have an argument with your best friend about who was the best singer for Van Halen or Deep Purple (both can be found on round 2), or AC/DC (round 1)... and now we've...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  The Cutting Edge Summer 2020

The Cutting Edge is back again for another round! This time out, Summer of 2020 and I can't believe how much cool new music there is out... who'd have guessed with the pandemic raging, that recording musicians would be able to generate amazing product ...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  Trading Places 2

One of your favourite bands replaces the lead singer; could be his heart's not in it anymore... could be he doesn't want to tour anymore... maybe he died... maybe he no longer gets along with the rest of the band. It doesn't really matter the reason - ...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  Trading Places 1

How many times have you heard someone say, "They're just a tribute band now, because..." and mostly it's because the lead vocalist (and maybe others as well) has left the band for whatever reason. I say if the band is still recording, then they're stil...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  The Cutting Edge-Winter 2020

Winter 2020... so much new music here! It was hard to pare this down to a manageable, quarterly episode... I'm all over the map with regards to genre in this show... there's hard rock with new music from Stabbing Westward (finally)... new single releas...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  Nothing But Time

Check this show out when you have some time... you know, if time allows that is... 'cause I think it's time you did... all in good time... You get the idea I'm sure... this show features some of the many songs focusing on time... some on running out...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author

  Who Wrote That?

The name of this show is "Who Wrote That?", because you probably don't know... some of your favourite songs, written between 1980 and 2010 were written by 3 songwriters... 1) Desmond Child; 2) Diane Warren; 3) Ian Thomas... find out who wrote these ama...
  Pacific Northwest Radio author