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  HPR4142: A Shared Shell History With Atuin

In this episode Marcus / mnw walks you through the install and initial configuration of a shell history replacement called Atuin. My first show I'm quite nervous! Config Options These are the settings suggested to change in the config file ~/.config/at...
  mnw.nospam@nospam.member.fsf.org (mnw) author

  HPR4141: Picade Console

Continuing his series talking about some of his Raspberry Pi projects, TuxJam co-host Kevie talks about his recent experience with the Picade Console from Pimoroni.
  kmacphail.nospam@nospam.yahoo.com (Kevie) author

  HPR4140: Battery and Charging Technology 2024

It is obvious to most people that we need to stop burning fossil fuels to prevent even worse global climate change. Options like solar panels and windmills are options for providing clean renewable electricity, but since so much of our fossil fuel use ...
  zwilnik.nospam@nospam.zwilnik.com (Ahuka) author

  HPR4139: HPR New Years Eve Show 2023 - 24 ep 1

Linux Lugcast - https://linuxlugcast.com/ Hacker Public Radio - https://hackerpublicradio.org/ Reichsmark - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichsmark 7-11 convenience store - https://www.7-eleven.com/ 7-11 pizza - https://www.7-eleven.com/products/pizza...
  honkeymagoo01.nospam@nospam.gmail.com (Honkeymagoo) author

  HPR4138: Linux Gaming: Factorio

This show is about gaming, more specifically gaming on Linux. This episodes is about Factorio, a survival strategy game focusing on automation. I currently don't have show notes to go with this show.
  cedric.nospam@nospam.n0b0t.com (Cedric De Vroey) author

  HPR4137: I used reisub key sequence to reboot my frozen Linux computer

In two earlier episodes I have been talking about digiKam photo management software. I hope to come back to that topic in another episode in the future. But not today. Today I will talk about what happened to me about two weeks ago. Maybe it was becaus...
  hehemrin.nospam@nospam.hemrin.com (Henrik Hemrin) author

  HPR4136: Pi Samba Share

We live in a time where everything is streamed; from our TV, radio, podcasts everything is fine until the internet goes down. Gone are the days of simply turning on the TV with a set top aerial. With this in mind, I set up an old Raspberry Pi 2 and con...
  kmacphail.nospam@nospam.yahoo.com (Kevie) author

  HPR4135: Mining the web

I don't have shownotes for this one. Sorry for that. Please refer to the transcript for more information.
  cedric.nospam@nospam.n0b0t.com (Cedric De Vroey) author

  HPR4134: Goodbye Craig Maloney.

Craig S. Maloney age 52 of Madison Heights formerly of Royal Oak, passed away on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at his residence with his family at his side. It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of Craig Maloney. We knew him through his podcas...
  ken.nospam@nospam.fallon.ie (Ken Fallon) author

  HPR4133: Mastodon as a way to comment to HPR episodes

Mastodon as a way to comment to HPR episodes Prompted by Knightwise I should be easier for listeners to discuss shows. There have been several times I have intended to leave a comment on a show, but I forget by the time I get back to my PC Mastodon is...
  norrist.nospam@nospam.gmail.com (norrist) author