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More than 400 people in Ireland took their own lives in 2022. In Limerick, helicopters are often heard flying above the city in search of missing people in the River Shannon. But in response to this tragic situation, a group has sprung up to patrol the Shannon in the evenings to speak with people who are feeling desperate. Katie Flannery joins them on a Saturday night to see how they work and to hear their stories. We also hear about a law that is under consideration in several US states, which would allow people with mental health problems to voluntarily put themselves on a do-not-sell list for firearms. This programme contains discussion of suicide and suicide attempts. If you feel affected by this topic, you can speak to someone who can help. Go to to find a crisis phone line where you live. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporter: Katie Flannery Producer: William Kremer Series producer: Tom Colls Sound mix: Gareth Jones Editor: Penny Murphy Email: Image: Limerick Suicide Watch

How volunteers are helping people in crisis in Limerick, Ireland
Publishing date
2023-10-17 02:06
  BBC World Service