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Millions of women around the world lack access to safe and hygienic menstrual products. But there are people trying to change that. We meet the British student who learned to sew in lockdown and started making reusable sanitary pads for refugees. She’s helped distribute tens of thousands of pads and is now training refugee women in Lebanon how to make money by sewing the pads themselves. We hear about a design project inspired by tea cups which has created an efficient way of washing reusable pads. And in India we meet the woman who is challenging the stigma around periods with a comic book that’s being read in thousands of schools around the country. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporter: Lorna Acquah Producer: Lizzy McNeill Series producer: Tom Colls Sound mix: Annie Gardiner Editor: Richard Vadon email: Image: Reya, a student in Beirut who is sewing period pads

How hand-stitched pads and a comic book are trying to make women’s lives better
Publishing date
2023-11-21 03:06
  BBC World Service