Michael Leitner
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Name Michael Leitner
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Gigs, Michael Leitner has been engaged in
Date Podcast Episode Role
2024-05-31   Flip the Truck   Oppenheimer contributor
2024-04-01   Flip the Truck   Poor Things contributor
2024-03-15   Flip the Truck   Oscars und Truckies 2024 contributor
2024-03-04   Flip the Truck   Oscarnacht 2024 contributor
2024-02-21   Flip the Truck   Phantom der Oper contributor
2024-01-22   Flip the Truck   Baby Special contributor
2023-12-13   Flip the Truck   Best of 2023 contributor
2023-12-01   Flip the Truck   Barbie contributor
2023-10-13   Flip the Truck   Der Fuchs contributor
2023-08-09   Flip the Truck   AIR contributor