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  Trevor Tartaglia: Who's Trevor, and what are V3 Templates?

Ariana and Trevor sit down and chat about the V3 template changes, what's next for CHP templates, and why they chose to push hard in this direction (app development aside). Plus, it's a general introduction into who Trevor is and how he ended up a mili...
  Complete Human Performance author

  Susan Lopez: The Tactical Dietitian

Susan Lopez MS, RDN, CSSD, LD, TSAC*F is a Registered Dietitian working for a Special Operations unit, and boy does she have some fascinating insight for hybrid and tactical athletes. Susan outlines the different strategies she uses for the two most co...
  Complete Human Performance author

  Jack Driscoll: An "Overall Fitness Enjoyer" Ep #71

Meet Jack Driscoll, self-proclaimed "overall fitness enjoyer," firefighter, coach, and phenomenal hybrid athlete. A guy who enjoys launching himself at a wide variety of fitness events, Jack burst into the competitive scene by winning Rally in the Vall...
  Complete Human Performance author

  Vera Stepina - Crucible Pro Champ 2024

Vera Stepina is a lifestyle and nutrition coach, a hybrid athlete who was doing hybrid stuff before it was hybrid, a client of Alex Viada's, and a woman with 3 children who is rediscovering her potential after at least a year of considering it "dead in...
  Complete Human Performance author

  Kaleb Yates: Prepared for All Things Ep #69

Kaleb is a tenured Spartan pro athlete, HYROX racer, DEKA athlete, and hybrid competitor - listen to him discuss how he arrived at this competitive level, what appeals to him about hybrid sport, and the pros and cons of being a "larger" competitor (6'3...
  Complete Human Performance author

  "We get to do this." Competition with Hybricon Champ, Phillip Muscarella

Sit down (although I'm pretty sure he stood the whole time) with Phillip Muscarella, the champion of the 2023 Hybricon Games.  Dealing with competition anxiety, and operating from a place of gratitude and joy Coming into "hybrid" from a CrossFit backg...
  Complete Human Performance author

  The Return of the Champ: Dr Sam Spinelli - Ep #067

Meet Dr Sam Spinelli. Doctor of Physical Therapy, gym owner, powerlifter, strongman, Olympic weightlifter, ultrarunner, Spartan obstacle course racer, father, and 2022's Crucible Pro Champ, Sam goes all-in on everything he does with the same kind of se...
  Complete Human Performance author

  Hybrid Fitness (Media): All About Hybrid with Matt Davis

Ariana chats with her friend Matt Davis, who created and runs Obstacle Racing Media and Hybrid Fitness Media, two of the only forms of media purely covering Obstacle Course Racing and Hybrid Fitness Events. They discuss how they've seen hybrid events d...

  Training, Competition, and Motherhood with Lauren Weeks - Ep #065

Join Director of Coaching Ariana Scalfo as she chats with her friend (and hero) Lauren Weeks. Lauren is a 3x Hyrox World Champion, CrossFit competitor, DekaFit solid, 2x GoRuck Games competitor, Spartan Games Champion, Spartan Race winner, and Battle B...

  Laura Gordon, Hybrid Clinical Psychologist Ep #064

CHP Director of Coaching Ariana Scalfo sits down with Laura Gordon, who is both a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology and an extraordinarily talented hybrid athlete. Recently at Battle Bunker Regionals in Texas, Laura uses her career to educate her fi...