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  Risks vs. Rules: Why it's Important to Differentiate

It seems natural to implement rules to reduce risk. But when dealing with fluid processes like software development, can rigidity and fear of unknown variables actually hold you back? Paul and Rich discuss what’s at stake when leaders confuse rules wit...

  Reactive Sales: Building New Client Relationships in the Time of COVID

When you can’t invite a prospective client into the office, how do you hold their attention and show them you’re actively listening? Charisma and eye contact don’t make the same impact over Zoom. Paul and Rich explain an adaptive sales approach that us...

  How Design Makes the World: With Author and Designer Scott Berkun

Good design often goes unnoticed, but not for Scott Berkun. In his new book, How Design Makes the World, Scott delves into how both good and bad design affect our daily lives. On this episode, Scott lays out the big questions you must ask about your us...

  Stability vs Scalability: Reflections on Why it’s so Hard to Meet our Current Needs

Middle Men: Our current system is based on stable markets, but what happens when that stability is no longer a constant? This week Paul and Rich ask some important questions about our economic systems. Why is it so difficult to integrate while scaling?...

  Building Prince of Persia: With Video Game Great Jordan Mechner

Creating a sensation: Jordan Mechner built his first video game in high school, sourcing info from books (there was no internet); a few years later, he concocted the hit game Prince of Persia in his dorm room. On the podcast, Jordan shares an inside lo...

  Big Red Button: Dealing With Unreasonable Asks

Shared Crisis: When a stressed client comes to you with an urgent request, it's hard not to panic. The tight deadlines may seem daunting but there are ways to mitigate the crisis. Paul and Rich share their insights on how to lessen stress, limit expect...

  Inside Facebook: With Writer and Journalist Steven Levy

Apologize later: Renowned tech journalist and writer Steven Levy chats about his new book, Facebook: The Inside Story, which peers behind the scenes at the biggest social media monolith of our day. Levy breaks down how he convinced Facebook to give him...

  Is it Time to Build? Part 2: How to Get What We Need in a Marketplace Society

Paul and Rich have a follow up discussion about Marc Andreessen’s newest article and ask the important question: How can we connect and empower people to create crucial tools for society when the industry has become so transactional? Are we able to cre...

  Is it Time to Build or Time to Nap? : On Marc Andreessen’s Viral Article

There’s a reason to expect criticism:  today on Track Changes Paul and Rich dig into why the newest article from Marc Andreessen of VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz. In it, Andreessen basically exhorts Americans to innovate and blames our lack of preparati...

  Knock-On Effects: With’s Andrew Montalenti and Sachin Kamdar

Brand Safety: On this week’s episode of Track Changes, Paul and Rich are joined by founders Andrew Montalenti and Sachin Kamdar. Andrew and Sachin give us the rundown on their content optimization software and the content trends they are seein...